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 John Shaw 

LP to CD - Reproducing the best possible quality of sound



My name is John Shaw and have worked as an audio and maintenance engineer at the PCL, London during the 1970's.

Part of this work involved the support of media studies students in their degree course and assisting with BFI and BBC projects.






During that time I was involved in the successful installation of two radio studios at the 'Polytechnic of Central London' serving the the School of Communication.

After a few years of freelance engineering work and location recording projects, I formed my own company 'Shaw Sounds' in November 1981.


My aim today is to produce high quality digital transfers from analogue sound formats such as Shellac, Acetate 78 records, Vinyl LPs, Reel to Reel tapes and Cassettes.

With the aid of the internet, orders are received from all over the UK including projects from overseas.


Record & tape collections for conversion are always welcome whether large or small !

There seems to be increasing demand nowadays for retrieving and preserving precious sound memories to digital, it all holds valued and treasured thoughts for so many people!


 Most transfers received are processed using 'Cedar Audio' technology as a professional restoration tool - this insures the highest possible quality of noise removal.

Many projects have been undertaken for museums, archive establishments, film companies and broadcasting - I particularly enjoyed producing input for the John Peel programme - 'Home Truths' for BBC Radio 4 in 2004.

Some of my work involves digitising large quantities of oral history archive tapes - this is particularly satisfying, knowing that the content will be preserved for years to come for future generations.

With the growing popularity of genealogy these days, vintage audio recordings are becoming an interesting and necessary addition to family history research and documentation.

As a lover of music, it's always a pleasure to transfer vinyl LP and 78rpm record collections for enthusiasts to treasure and relive their past! 

I enjoy listening to music of high quality and earn a living from allowing others to do the same. By paying attention to the smallest detail, I am an enthusiast in the quest for ultimate performance.

My interest in audio started many years ago building 'crystal set' radios and listening to the 'Home Service' on the BBC medium wave band - I'm afraid that dates me a bit!

I also remember with affection visiting the "Radio Show" exhibition each year at Earls Court, London, searching out all the products that reproduced the best quality of sound! Roberts Radio and Hacker Brothers VHF transistor receivers come to mind - beautiful ! Well, things have come a long way since then and the level of fidelity sound seems to have reached an all time high.

As a musician at my local church, I enjoy the opportunity to play a range of musical instruments from time to time, therefore have an ongoing interest in various types and styles of music.

It brings me enormous satisfaction to reproduce and restore music recordings to digital, especially vintage and archive gems!

These days the "Compact Disc" along with many other digital formats can reproduce audio at a very high standard with no loss of quality or dynamic range - transferring old material to digital, customers are able to relive the past and listen to sounds that will not spoil or deteriorate in years to come.

Whether it's CD, iPod, or any other format, the digital medium is so convenient !

My company slogan is  "Reproducing the best possible quality of sound",  my aim is to maintain that service for the listener at all times!

Here are a few satisfied clients ...

John Shaw.


                                      IMG Artists Ltd                                             


                     Royal Academy of Music                             

                                        Firewire Films                                               

BBC Radio 4     

Slides 2 Disk Transfer Services 

The Antal Dorati Centenary Society

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Sound Archive

London Canal Museum

Royal College of Physicians

Torridon Infant & Nursery School

Milton Keynes Telephone Museum

Tidal Waves Music


Shell UK

British Film Institute

Disk 2 Disc

Polytechnic of Central London

Royal Television Society

Wildlife Sound Recording Society

Lord Gulliver Productions Ltd

Callander Music

Clowns International

National Farmers Union

Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group    

BBC Radio Newcastle 

                                Dix Noonan Webb Ltd - Auctioneers - Piccadilly                                     

                                 Seed Adult Education                                    

                        Martin Dawes Audio Visual                          

West Glamorgan Archive Service

Carmelite Monastery London

AG Shakespeare Ltd


Havebury Housing Ltd

BBC Radio 3


                               Shaftesbury Housing Ltd                              

 Wireless Logic Ltd

 Abros Enterprise Ltd

                                          Essex Sound & Screen Services                                        

Megastar Productions

  Fieldwork International Ltd

   Pitman Training Group PLC

  The Scouts Association

  Phoenix Historic Records

House of Commons

 London Jewish Male Choir

Hackett Media Services

Meridian Music Guides

St. Martins-in-the-Fields

Horniman Museum

Orchard Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts

College of Occupational Therapists

St. Nichlas' Hospice

Geest North Sea Line Ltd

Screentalk Communications

Pearson Associates

Temple Records

Sylvan Mason Photographs

A P Watt - Literary, Film & Television Agents

Broadscape Television

Goldtop Recording Co. Ltd

Submarine Records

Personal Strength Publishing UK Ltd

OLGA TV Limited - Channel 4

YAP Bespoke Films


Moorfields Eye Hospital

Jungle Records

Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group

Kingsway Communications

Bournemouth University

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Trevor Leggett Adhyatma Yoga Trust

Antal Dorati Centenary Society

AYM Yoga Society

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Tidal Wave Music

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