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Established in 1981, Shaw Sounds has many years' experience in the sound production profession and provides audio transfer and restoration services to clients throughout the UK and beyond. The company is located in Essex & Dorset.

The business provides the general public and industry with a professional sound conversion facility and has on-site facilities. We ensure clients a prompt, personal and pleasant experience. The service is intended to help everyone re-live the past and enjoy their sound recorded memories for years to come.

Shaw Sounds produces reliable digital transfers to many digital formats from analogue records and tapes and are produced for all to enjoy.

All  conversions comply with the "Orange Book" standard so CD's can be played on all CD players whether at home, office or studio or in the car, they feature track markers for easy navigation.

The completed master recordings are available from Shaw Sounds with a range of digital formats and full back-ups of original material.

John Shaw is an experienced audio engineer offering a professional service to a high standard having a large client base in and around the South East & West of England and beyond.

The company is managed soley by John who has been involved in the audio production industry for many years. John is well trained to look after the company, having previously worked in areas of higher education and broadcasting.

We are available anytime to discuss your transfer and mastering requirements.

John Shaw

01708 342553 / 01308 423141 / 09741 556912



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5 Douglas Ave, Harold Wood, Romford. Essex. RM3 0UT. UK.
Studio: 01708 342553 / Mobile: 07941 556912

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